goodbye grade 11

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

This is going to be a long one so bear with me.

up until this quarantine I never realized how much I love school, mine specifically so much. everyday we find ourselves saying "I hate it here" or "I wish I could drop out" but now that we are actually out and it's not on our own terms I hate it.

I miss the roundabout at school and jumping out of my car to see my principal standing in front of the school with a huge smile on his face, high fiving every elementary school kid.

I miss walking through the doors of the high school and seeing my group of friends standing by the lockers in the same spot everyday. I miss hugging them as if I hadn't seen them in three months but in actuality I had seen them the previous day. I miss the sound of the first bell ring telling us to get to class.

I miss standing around the water fountain with my friends waiting for everyone to finish filling up their water bottles before migrating to our next class together. I miss the outlandishly long lines in the cafeteria to buy overpriced food that was never any good. I miss my teachers and seeing their enthusiasm to teach us admittedly problematic students. I miss the campus, the felids, the courts and the locker rooms.

Now all of that has been cut short, thanks to COVID-19. in the beginning of lockdown I spent my days crying over all we will be missing like prom, picking out our senior shirt colors, and watching the seniors graduate. but then I realized I can't continue being sad over all that I am missing, but I can instead be grateful for all I have experienced thus far.

I had three amazing terms as a junior (grade 11) and even though we lost one term we made memories to last a thousand terms. I have have become so grateful for my life and all of the opportunities I've received, and I am never going to take them for granted again.

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