My page is all about spreading positivity and looking on the bright side of life despite the negativity you are currently enduring. Given the current political climate I felt it was appropriate to make this edit as well as express my take on the movement as a 17-year-old black woman living in South Africa.

Black Lives Matter is an organized movement dedicated to non-violent civil disobedience in protest to police brutality that began on the 13th of July 2013. The movement has always been around however following the death of George Floyd it has become an internationally trending hashtag, which has lead to protests all over the world. Systemic racism has been apart of our way of life for hundreds of years, and the unfortunate death of George Floyd was a breaking point for African Americans.

The death of Floyd did not only impact the city of Minneapolis but the whole world, his death lead to global protests in honor of the black lives matter movement. His death has also brought to light the issues of police brutality against black people not only in the United States but all over the world, as most countries in the world have a terrible history of police brutality against people black people.

I live in South Africa and we have a horrible history of police brutality.In recent months the South African Police Service has faced unprecedented local and international media attention over a number of highly publicised incidents in which people have died or been assaulted at the hands of the police. The cases of Marikana, Andries Tatane and Emidio Macia have become household names. Each incident sparked expressions of public concern about police conduct in South Africa. There appears to be little agreement as to whether these are isolated incidents, or if they symbolise a more systemic problem.

Given our country's history of apartheid and oppression towards black people I believe that the issue of police brutality is a systemic issue. I believe that this problem cannot be changed with policies and new rules, some white people in this country and all over the world have hatred in their hearts that cannot be changed with a set of new rules. People need to educate themselves on these issues to understand what black people go through and to unlearn systemic racism.

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